1 Spicy Secret To Bone-Crunching Persuasion

They need to believe in my product. They need my service! They need ME!

This is a BIG problem…

Here is why:

All the needy, pushy, salesy chat makes people feel pressured and uncomfortable. They will bolt the other direction the next time you enter the room because buying under pressure feels so naked.

Here are a few deeper reasons why:

  • They really do need your thing, but don’t have the money to buy it.
  • They feel a deadly risk. Feeling risky makes people look for a way out.
  • They aren’t clear with what they want. It’s all in the heat of the moment. After buying from you, they begin to feel regret.

Is it manipulation or persuasion?

Persuasion and manipulation get mixed up.

I used to buy anything I could get my hands on to improve my copywriting career. The thing is all gurus are selling the same thing. It took a few ass beating for me to understand that it wasn’t the guru’s fault. It was my fault. I needed to focus on one thing, instead of buying everything and doing little with it. I manipulated myself!

Here is the spicy secret to influence your audience:

You need to believe in your thing first.

If you go out there wanting to big fat $$$ check…

But don’t fully believe in your product or service…

Your audience will start to sniff stiff poo from you.

Online is great to build your image and what you stand for, but you gotta do the inner work.

Avoid the dark alley and don’t skip on pretending not to know about your customer. They are just like you! They aren’t stupid.

They want to know that you believe it before they believe you.

Stay hot out there!



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Content Strategist | Psychotainment Writer and Coach. I write about my broken past, persuasion, breaking free from old patterns, and going in the fires of life.