Banish The Bully In 3 Seconds Or Less

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When I was a kid, I didn’t have many friends.

Day after day, I worried about who put me on their shit list.

And I worked damn hard to get people to like me. To pay attention and accept me.

In a way, I acted like a needy business owner. “Hey, Bob! Buy my shit!”

You know what happens next… Bob darts back to his car!

I forgave my childhood because I didn’t know how to push through mentally.

But I’m glad I had the experience because it shaped me to be a better human and earn friends.

And I want to share something that boosted my confidence by 1000%. It helped me cut out anxiety around the thought of being “liked.”

I’m talking about locking up bullshit lies…

  • not feeling accepted by others
  • negative comments
  • bullies (online and offline)
  • rejection in all forms (friends, family, business)

Here it is…

“Do you like everyone in your life? So why are you offended when someone doesn’t like you?

Just like that… the flood-opened!

I’m guilty like everyone single person on the planet.

I don’t like everyone. And everyone doesn’t like me.

And you don’t like everyone. And everyone doesn’t like you.

Awaken your dragon and torch up the villains in your mind!



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Content Strategist | Psychotainment Writer and Coach. I write about my broken past, persuasion, breaking free from old patterns, and going in the fires of life.