How The Screwy System Of FAILURE and SUCCESS Help You In The Long Run

1 min readDec 9, 2021


I always thought I should start this blog with a personal story.

But then I discovered I had nothing to say, because it’s all in the title of this blog.

Let’s get down to business…

Define what success is for you.

Enjoying the journey can be difficult. But there is no way around it. The thing is, finding problems you enjoy makes life worth the ride. Everyone has problems. The people who have unlimited energy enjoy their problems. Go find project that gives you an energy kick.

Look at your failures.

It’s one thing to see the yucky memories. It’s another to thing to give a new meaning to that memory. Whip out that journal and start writing out a new past. Give it a new meaning. Every single person on earth has the power of choice. Choose a new meaning.

Takeaway: You can overcome obstacles and access success.

It’s all about reframing the old crusty memories and turning them into opportunities.

You weren’t put on earth to be miserable, pay bills and die.

Take back your life on memory and new meaning at a time.




Content Strategist | Psychotainment Writer and Coach. I write about my broken past, persuasion, breaking free from old patterns, and going in the fires of life.