Shocking Truth: Free Copywriting Education For Copywriters Wanting To Gain An Edge In A See Of Boring Copy

Credit : TLC

1000 lb. Sisters is coming back for another season…

Heavy episodes about obesity, dating, and sibling rivalry.

It’s free education for copywriters.

Here’s why:

•Study the opening of each episode (Headline/Hook)
•Define the villain (junk food, gawkers) and the hero (doctors)
•Study language and emotional reactions (short temper, temptation)

Then ask yourself…

•What hooks me into the episode?
•If I was to write a headline for this episode, what would I write?
•What is the ONE emotion channeled in this episode?
•How did producers leave a cliffhanger before the commercial (to keep you coming back for more.)

Most viewers will think the problem it’s whooping weight struggle…

But the real problem?

Their environment and triggering unhealthy habits with no accountability system.

The way they see marriage, Shnickers, getting stared at, and towers of Koka Kola…

The takeaway: We all have the same problems.

Just at different scales.

TV producers know how to structure a good story.

The problems.

The struggle.

The hope.

Leverage movies and shows to your copywriting edge!



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