Yellowstone Is A Delicious Treat

1 min readJan 13, 2022


January 5th, 2022, I start paying attention to the Yellowstone trend.

I said to myself, “I’m not in the mood for western.”

But my wife roped me into watching.

30 seconds into the first episode, I’m more than interested. I’m HOOKED!

You see, not a lot of action happens here in my state of Wyoming.

So to see a show based out of towns I have visit, had me feel some stardom.

But the stardom feelers didn’t keep me watching.

Yellowstone is the Godfather meets Little House on the Prarie.

After watching the first episode, I started getting a game plan.

•Popcorn, check.

•Water, check.

•Chewing gum, check.

•More popcorn, check.

Every damn episode had me jumping to visit Billings, Montana again.

Every damn episode had me sweating for summer nights.

Every damn episode had me warping back to my Rozet elementary school days (I had a ton of cowboy friends).

Saddle up. I suggest watching Yellowstone for some serious story, writing, and emotional pulling.


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